How My Coaching Works

How it Works

  • We start with an exploratory conversation either by zoom, phone or if convenient face to face.
  • I will ask you questions and encourage you to dig deeper – There is always the real issue under the issue.
  • Coaching is not therapy, it is geared towards action and transformation which leads to action.
  • The most powerful thing that happens is the presence we sit with. It is rare we meet someone who is totally present with us.
  • The secret to presence is the coach getting out of the way, this is the core of my coaching. Without the ability and skill to be present with a client coaching is no more than a pleasant conversation.
  • Another way of understanding presence is to look at it as a benevolent space that allows your innate wisdom to come forth and allows the coach to ask the deep questions.
  • After the initial conversation we create a coaching package specifically for you.